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Age Restrictions

Age rules allow you to set:
  • A minimum and maximum age range of people that a ticket product can be booked for (it’s not the age of the person making the booking, but the person attending the booking that is important).
  • Sub-ranges (that fall within the main min/max range), each with an age variance set. These sub-ranges allow you to specify the age range of people that can attend the same booking at the same time, with a variance within that range. For example, a sub-range could be from 4 – 16 years, but with a variance of 2 years. That means a 10 year old would only be able to attend a booking with people that range in age from 8 – 12.
If you think about Laser Games for an example, Age Rules allow you to ensure that only similar ages are playing against each other at any one time (you don’t really want a 5 year old taking on a 20 year old in a game of lazer tag!).

To configure Age Rules for a product, follow these steps

  1. Click the 9 dots, search for and click on ‘Products’.
  2. Under the Product Name column, click on the product you’d like to set age rules for.
  3. With that product open, click on the Age Rules tab:

4. In the top section, you set a Minimum and Maximum age range – IE: the total range of ages that are allowed to attend a booking of this product:
5. Then, in the bottom section under Age Variance Settings, you break the full age range (4 – 80 in our example) down into further sub-ranges. Against each of these sub-ranges, you set a variance. In the example below, the first sub-range is from 4 – 18 years old, with a variance of 3. This means that if a 7 year old is booked on to play a laser games, he/she would only be able to play against other children with ages 3 years either side of 7:
NB: the system saves as you enter values, hence no ‘Save’ button!

Once the age rules are configured, It works like this

When booking a product where Age Rules have been applied, the age field on the booking journey is mandatory – it asks for ‘Average Guest Age’ and this list is driven by the Minimum and Maximum age ranges you set in the top section of the Age Rules tab:

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