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Applying Additional Items

‘Additional Items’ (or ‘Additional Products’ or ‘add-on items’) are created independently of Booking Products, but can then be applied to existing Booking Products.  For example, when you purchase a ticket for a trampoline park, you may also wish to purchase socks additionally to your ticket. ‘Socks’ are an additional product that can be applied to any number of Booking Products (IE: all of your jump tickets).
This section details how to apply an existing ‘Additional Item’ (EG: socks) to a ‘Booking Product’ (EG: trampoline 1 hour jump ticket).
NB: Creating a new ‘Additional Product’ is detailed on it’s own page here.

Applying an existing Additional Item to a new Booking Product

Once you’ve created an Additional Item that you’d like to use, you can apply that Additional Product to the Booking Product by simply clicking and dragging it from the Additional Items panel on the left hand side onto the Additional Items tile on the Product:

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