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Asset Classes

Asset Classes are effectively the ‘space’ or ‘area’ that you are selling tickets for.
See the sections below for steps on how to create, configure and apply Asset Classes to a Product.

Creating a new Asset Class

1.  Click the ‘New’ button the Asset Classes tile:
2.  If any Asset Classes already exist for the site against which you’re adding the Product, you’ll see these here, and will need to click the “New Asset Class” button to create a new one:
3.  Give the new Asset Class a name:
4.  Click Save and then click the ‘Create New Assets’ button:
5.  You now have the option to create either a single asset or multiple assets:

6.  The Asset Class you’ve just created (either with assets created individually, or mass-created) will sit under the Asset Classes panel on the left hand side:
The final step would be to apply the Asset Class to the Product by dragging it from the Asset Classes panel on the left onto the Asset Classes tile on the product – doing so will open up the Asset Class Entitlement window for configuration before the Asset Class is applied to the product.  See the Configuring an Asset Class Entitlement article.

Adding an existing Asset Class to a Product

If you’ve already created an Asset Class that you’d like to use, you can apply that Asset Class to the product by simply clicking and dragging the Asset Class from the Asset Class panel on the left hand side onto the Asset Classes tile on the Product:
This step pops up the “Configure Asset Class Entitlement” window – see Configuring an Asset Class Entitlement article.

Removing an Asset Class from a Product

To remove an Asset Class from a Product, click the X on the Asset Class that’s against the Asset Classes tile on the Product:

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