Here are a list of examples of the types of automations and flows we have built in the past. If you would like to implement any in your environment, please contact the support desk through Salesforce or on [email protected]

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find the link to our GPT so you can see if your own ideas can be implemented. 

Unsubscribe Link (Key for marketing automation)

Membership Tracker Functionality

Deferred Revenue

When an annual payment is taken for membership, 12 other deferred records are created to split that payment into 12 chunks.

Refund email:

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E-mail sent after each installment payment

Custom Waivers

View example: – Use booking BKN-0000000362

Retention code

Send a discount code after the user attends their session.

Post-Session Survey

Send a survey after a visit to get feedback on your service. 

Birthday Email

Send an email to customers near their birthday to offer a special promotion. 

Have an idea?

Try our GPT to see how you could implement it:

Click here to try the BookNow Salesforce flow GPT