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BookNow Software Release Notes

All releases go through a rigorous process of quality assurance, with both manual and automated testing.  Our releases are ready to go directly into your live environment. However, if you prefer, we can push to your sandbox first for your own testing before pushing live. 

9 May 2024 200.990

Upgrade: Simplified Salesforce Navigation

We have created a simple menu that will be implemented in your Salesforce dashboard on your next update so that you and your team can get to what they need more efficiently.  

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Staff Analytics Page

The staff analytics dashboard has been added so that you can quickly and easily see the number of visitors by activity, revenue by source, bookings by hour and income by type by register.  

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Questionnaires

Questionnaires have been added to EPOS 2.0, incorporating improvements to allow front of house staff to edit the questionnaire responses. 

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Managing Contacts from an Organisation

You can now add new organisations and associate existing organisations to customers, making it possible to have complete clarity about all of an organisation’s contacts and report on all interactions with an organisation.  

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Tax exempt code on customer 

For US customers who work with schools, charities and churches that have a tax exempt code, it is now possible to add the code to a booking and remove tax from the transaction. 

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Split payment refunds

Full refund functionality has been added to allow equal splits or priority split for each transaction.

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Timezones 

To ensure that the booking is always in the correct timezone when the user switches between sites, the way timezones operate in the system has been rewritten.

Update: EPOS 2.0: Open Orders at Multiple Registers

A customer experienced an issue when adding orders at multiple registers. 

Update: EPOS 2.0: Retains unwanted Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing was not updating to reduce the number of people on a booking. This has been rectified. 

Update: EPOS 2.0: New Ledger Not Created

The existing ledger for a booking was being updated, rather than creating a new ledger for any products added to a booking at a later date.  

Update: EPOS 2.0: Location being Removed when Saving a Till Configuration

When saving a till configuration a customer found the location was being removed. 

Update: Staff Booking: Editing Products Removed Booking from Check-in

Following a recent update a customer found that editing bookings to remove one dynamic pricing group through the edit booking module removed the booking from the check-in screen and added booking products at 0 quantity. This has been resolved. 

Update: EPOS 2: Cash Drawer Not Opening on “No Receipt”

A customer found that when they selected ‘No receipt’ the cash drawer wouldn’t open. This has been resolved. 

22 April 2024 200.962

Update: Adding Products to Bookings on Edit

A customer experienced an issue when adding new items to an existing booking on the edit booking modal. This has been resolved.  

Update: Making Stock Apply When Adding to An Ingredient

When attempting to add stock to a copy of an ingredient, a customer found that the stock did not apply and was therefore not being reduced on sale. Stock is now deducted correctly. 

Update: Update Caused GA4 Purchase Attribution To Be Skipped

An issue has been resolved that was found after a recent update, which stopped Google being able to attribute purchases to specific advertisements. This has been resolved and all purchases can now be attributed successfully. 

16 April 2024 200.959

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Custom Payment Types

For payments that have been made by, for example, bank transfer, it is necessary to be able to add custom payment types that record the payment separately. This functionality has been added prior to general release.  

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Separate Operator Tipping

Tips can now be added through their own path rather than through the Cash payment flow for a more intuitive user experience.

Update: Supplier Name Not Registering When Adding Stock

A customer experienced an issue where the supplier name was not being saved when stock was added. This has been resolved.

Update: Reset Password Button Not Working on Kiosk Online Booking Journey

A customer’s guests were not receiving a password reset email when clicking the button on the online booking journey.

Update: Schedule Variations Not Operating Correctly With Individual Opening Days

A customer found that when setting up a dynamic pricing schedule for individual days (eg the last Sunday of each month), the days were not pulling through correctly. This has been resolved. 

Update: Limited Timeslots Pulling When Schedules Not Aligned

A customer found that when setting up dynamic pricing that did not align with operating hours on certain days, some time slots were not presenting. We have increased the efficacy of the dynamic pricing schedules for instances where customers’ operating hours schedules do not align with dynamic pricing. 

Update: Unable to Add Booking Products Through Edit Booking Modal

Following the last update, it was found that booking products could not be added through the edit booking modal. This has been resolved. 

9 April 2024 200.954

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Paylinks Deposits Have Been Added

It is now possible to take deposits through paylinks on EPOS 2.0.

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Command Products Greyed Dates When Not Available

For easier reference for your team, days that products are not available are now greyed out in the calendar picker on EPOS 2.0.

Update: Asset Overview Not Allowing Manual Back-to-Back Blocking

US customers experienced an issue when trying to move manual blocks to the end of a booking, where the system would not allow the block to be placed within one hour. This issue has been resolved.

4 April 2024 200.951

Upgrade: EPOS 2.0: Booking Number Visible on Payment page

The latest release includes improved functionality to allow MOTO payments on EPOS 2.0. 

27 March 2024 200.947

Upgrade: MOTO Payments Are Now Available on EPOS 2.0

The latest release includes improved functionality to allow MOTO payments on EPOS 2.0. 

Upgrade: Increased Translation Function on Kiosk

The latest release allows more translation options on the Kiosk online booking journey. 

Upgrade: GA4 Functionality for Purchases on the Adyen Payment Gateway 

The ‘Purchase’ event was not firing for GA4 on the kiosk for customers using the Adyen payment gateway. 

Update: URL Paramaters Not Applied on Kiosk 

The url parameters to allow users to group products in the online booking journey were not working following the most recent release. This issue has been resolved. 

Update: Time Zone Issue Affecting Day and Hour in Certain Time Zones

An issue arose with time zones, in which the system showed the wrong time or day had been booked. The issue has been fixed. 

Update: New Customer Terminal Payment Processing Issue

An issue has been resolved where a new customer encountered an issue sending payments to the terminal.

13 March 2024 200.933

Update: Availability Queried for Incorrect Day

Following the latest update, a customer experienced a timezone issue in which the wrong day was being queried. This has been resolved. 

11 March 2024 200.932

Improvements: 0% Deposit on Online Booking Journey

Where no amount was payable on the online booking journey (ie there were no other items in the cart), then it was previously not possible to process a 0% deposit. We have expanded the functionality on the kiosk (V3) booking journey and added 0% deposit functionality to the multi-activity flow.

Fixed: Membership Recurring Payments and Failed Payments Not Inserting

The Stripe integration has been improved to ensure that the back end reports tally with Stripe and that if payments continuously fail the membership is cancelled in the system. 

Fixed: When Moving Bookings in the Edit Booking Modal, A Timezone Issue Was Causing The Booking To Be Off by 1 Hour

For users in certain time zones an issue occurred whereby when attempting to move bookings on the edit booking modal, the booking was moving one hour off from the new time and the assets were not moving. This has been resolved. 

Fixed: Issue With a Path to Add Sites in Command

When following one path to add a site in Command, the page was not editable. This has been resolved. 

Fixed: Incorrect Price Presented for £0 Priced Products

An issue has been resolved whereby when a dynamic pricing group was set up to have no charge, the system was populating with the back up price. 

Fixed: Command Schedule Variations Offset by 24 Hours

A customer found that when they set variations for a schedule in Command, the start date was offset by 24 hours. 

Fixed: A Timezone Issue That Caused Incorrect Days to Show For Products

A timezone issue in Command has been fixed whereby products would be shown as available on the wrong days.

Fixed: On Multi-Activity Flow, When Minimum Days Out Set, The Product Would Not Show

A customer had an issue in which products with minimum days out setting on were not shown on the multi-activity flow. 

Fixed: Guest Not Assigned on Booking Completion

A customer found a rare issue whereby guests were not added to a booking on completion of payment., 

There was a pause in patch releases between 20th February and 2nd March 2024 due to a strategic decision to unite branches of the software. This will increase stability and scalability of the system, simplify management of the technology and increase the efficiency of the team. 

13 February 2024 200.851.133

Fixes and Improvements: Standard Pricing, Dynamic Pricing and Schedules

With the addition of a Standard Pricing Group on Command, it has become necessary to introduce a number of redundancies across the online booking journey, staff bookings and editing bookings in case customers’ dynamic pricing schedules or product schedules are allowed to expire. 

Whilst it fixes an issue that could arise if a customer’s schedule expires and they do not have a standard pricing group set, this patch introduces a variety of improvements to secure revenue opportunities and improve user experience as dynamic pricing groups switch on and off and schedules expire.

Fixed: Issue related to Facebook Pixel Tracking 

An issue with the Facebook pixel setup was affecting tracking for a customer. This has been fixed. 

30 January 2024 Patch 200.851.131

Fixed: Multi-Site Guest Issue on Stripe for US Customers

Due to a recent upgrade, it was no longer possible for customers to have guests paying to two different sites in the US due to a conflict in the Stripe account. This issue was resolved in this patch.

23 January 2024 Patch 200.851.126

Fixed: Rounding Issue on Staff Page 

An issue occurred on the staff page following application of promotional codes. This has been resolved.

Fixed: Self-Service Cafe UI is not Calculating Tax for Add-Tax Products, Promotional Codes or Gift Vouchers

The add-tax functionality on the Self-Service Cafe UI is now available for US customers. Customers will need to have the ‘Multi promo checkout flow’checkbox checked on the setup file.

Fixed: Marketing Checkbox on Kiosk

An error was found in which a guest who had declined to accept marketing emails on their first visit, but on another visit changed their mind to accept marketing would not have the change registered in the system. This has been resolved.  

9 January 2024 Patch 200.851.123

Fixed: Charging a Card When No Customer Added To Initial Booking

This issue occurred when a booking was created and saved without a customer. The card did not charge despite it having been authenticated. This issue has been resolved. 

2 January 2024 Patch 200.851.118

Fixed: On Weights and Measures Products With Taxation Tables When Promo Code Applied

Some users would be shown a ‘NaN’ error when applying a promotional code to a cart that uses the weights and measures functionality.

Fixed: Exclude From Pricing Not Functioning As Intended on Multi-Activity Customer Booking Journey

Exclude from pricing is now functioning in the multi-activity customer booking journey.

Fixed: PayU Refunding

In certain situations, staff members creating refunds directly to customer cards would not refund the full value.

Fixed: Payment Not Inserted to BookNow Although Taken in Stripe

Changes on the browser at the point of payment caused the payment not to insert in BookNow despite being taken by Stripe. This has been fixed. 

Fixed: Timer Not Cleared on Multi-Activity Flow When Payment Completed

A customer experienced an issue with the cart timer not being cleared following payment. This issues has been rectified.

Fixed: Cash Reconciliation Issue Caused By Discounts

Products that have been considered for cash reconcilliation can now not be retrospectively discounted.

12 December 2023 Patch 200.851.112

Fixed: The Kiosk Page Does Not Manage Tax Rates to Two Decimal Places

The fix for taxation has now been implemented on the Kiosk pages so that we can operate in all areas of the US.

Fixed: A Specific Product Type’s Date Could Not Be Altered on EBM

An error occurred in which one specific product setup’s date could not be altered on the Edit Booking Modal. This has been resolved.

Fixed: Gift Vouchers and Promo Codes were not Working Correctly in The Kiosk On The Last Patch

The previous patch was high urgency to deal with the specific fix for US tax jursidictions that have taxes that go to two decimal places. No customers that use gift vouchers or promotional codes on the Kiosk received the previous patch and the issue has now been resolve. 

November 2023 Patch 200.851.109

Known Issue: Gift Vouchers and Promo Codes are not Working Correctly in The Kiosk On This Version

This patch is high urgency to deal with the specific fix for US tax jursidictions that have taxes that go to two decimal places below. No customers that use gift vouchers or promotional codes on the Kiosk should receive this patch. 

Fixed: The System Can Now Manage Tax Rates to Two Decimal Places

Regional expansion has meant that we need to accommodate tax rates to two decimal points (eg 8.25%) This has been resolved. At the same time the classes managing tax have been rationalised and improved in the system.  

November 2023 Patch 851.98

Improvement: Booked Assets No Longer Editable On Asset Overview

Following a feature request, it was made possible to edit and delete booked assets from the Asset Overview page. This created a number of issues for end users, so the functionality has been reverted and only manual blocks can be edited or deleted from this page.  

Fixed: Adyen Incorrect Process of ‘Order Closed’

A customer experienced an issue on the Adyen payment platform whereby an order was processed when the status was Order Closed. This issue was fixed.  

Fixed: De-Serialisation on Paymentsense

A customer experienced an issue with bookings not booking out assets using the Paymentsense payment processor. The code has been modified to de-serialise the script more efficiently.

Fixed: Customer Information Not Captured on Certain Bookings

A sporadic issue occurred where customer contact details were not applied to bookings. This has been resolved. 

Fixed: Lloyds Cardnet payments issue

A customer using Lloyds Cardnet experienced intermittent and rare missing booking products. This issue has been resolved. 

October 2023 Patch 851.91

Fixed: An issue where self-service cafe orders were not progressing to the kitchen screen

An issue occurred when no table number was added to a self-service cafe order then the order was processed, but did not progress to the kitchen screen. This has been fixed.

September 2023 Patch 851.84

Improvement: Reduced information on receipts for certain printers

We have added a function to reduce the amount of information on receipts to comply with certain printer models.

Improvement: Implemented Adyen checkout

Adyen checkout has been implemented into the payment process for existing customers to enable full e-commerce tracking.

Improvement: Enabled sending of a custom parameter to be sent to Masterway

Added the ability for customers to send a custom parameter to the ‘serie’ field for customers using the Masterway tax integration for multiple accounts.

Improvement: Force 3D Secure on Stripe

Added the ability to force 3D Secure on Stripe transactions over a certain value for improved security

Fixed: An issue with timezones for US customers

Added the ability for customers to send a custom parameter to the ‘serie’ field for customers using the Masterway tax integration for multiple accounts.

August 2023 Patch 851.83

Fixed: Bookings being created with no Booking Products With Payment Sense Connect-E

An issue has been fixed in which Bookings through Payment Sense Connect-E were not creating Booking Products.

Fixed: Service Charge Line was Disappearing on Products Using a Tax Table when  a Promo Code was Added

If a product which used Taxation tables that had a service charge auto added was added to the cart, then a promo code was applied, it removed the Service Charge line.

Fixed: Booking with Gift Voucher after Initial Product is Removed From Cart

If a product was added to a cart, then a gift voucher was added and finally the product was removed, the user could still progress and complete the purchase at zero value.

Fixed: Promo code issue occurs when the cart value is zero on Edit Booking module

On the EBM component, no validation message was being received when we applied a promo code with a cart value of zero. 

Fixed: Rounding issue occurred when a product had two odd-numbered pricing groups. 

When a product with two odd-numbered pricing groups received a percentage discount, a rounding issue was created whereby the part penny was always rounded up.  

August 2023 Patch 851.77

Fixed: Globally visible Ingredients on recipe builder

Inventory was taken from the stock of the site on which the recipe was originally created rather than the site for the target recipe.  

Fixed: Stripe payment button disappear after decline

A customer was experiencing an issue in which the payment button disappeared after a declined payment.  

Fixed: Time Red Line on Asset Overview Removed

The red line that shows the current time, removed in error, is now active on the asset overview page again. 

Fixed: Edit Booking Modal – Adding Items Returns Object Error

An issue has been fixed on the edit booking modal where an error message was received when trying to add items 

Fixed: Edit Booking Modal – Incorrect Quantity Change

A customer had an issue in which incorrect quantities were being shown on the edit booking modal.   

August 2023 Patch 851.75

Fixed: Membership Site and Quantity Drop Down

A customer was experiencing an issue that neither site nor quantity drop downs were showing in memberships. 

Fixed: Stripe Membership Fees

Stripe fees were not being charged for one-off memberships in one customer’s environment. 

Fixed: Price discrepancy on Epos

In the most recent release items on the EPOS were rounding the price down by a penny. 

Fixed: Error adding membership customers to EPOS checkout

A customer received an ‘auth required’ message when adding membership customers to the checkout in EPOS. 

Fixed: Multi-activity flow – Checkout button disappearing

A customer found the checkout button disappearing on multi-activity flow in a sandbox. 

Fixed: Removing a series products

When attempting to remove one booking from a series, a customer found that the booking product was not removed. but the amount was deducted from the booking.

Fixed: Rounding issues on EBM

An issue has been fixed whereby there were round issues on the edit booking modal. 

Fixed: Same asset being booked twice when booked at same time

A customer found that when two bookings were made at exactly the same time, the asset could be double booked. 

Fixed: Inventory visible across sites

When creating a recipe, inventory was visible from across multiple sites. This has been resolved. 

July 2023 Patch 851.57

Fixed: Product with multiple recipes

Fixed an issue where, for products that had multiple recipes attached, the stock output was not created on sale. 

Fixed: Issue with Ts and Cs on Summer Passes

The terms and conditions section had a unwanted text showing. This was rectified. 

Fixed: Asset Overview not loading

Fixed an issue where the asset overview wasn’t loading when the site was changed. 

Fixed: Asset Name Showing Larger Than Asset

Fixed and issue that was causing misalignment as on some screens the asset name appeared larger than the row for the assets. 

Fixed: Bookings Appearing Against Wrong Assets On Asset Overview

Although the booking was made correctly in the back end, when a customer had in excess of 300 bookable assets, the Asset Overview suggested the booking was against the wrong assets. 

Fixed: Issue with Amending a User’s Drag and Drop Permissions on Asset Overview

After amending a user’s drag and drop permissions on asset overview, the user would not be able to move a booking adjacent to another booking. 

Fixed: Scaling Issue On Asset Overview

A customer found that when zooming in or out, some parts of the page did not scale as expected. This has been resolved. 

Fixed: Additional Items price being doubled once booking created

An issue has been fixed in which the additional item value was being doubled after the booking was created. 

Fixed: Additional Items price being multiplied once booking created

An issue has been fixed in which the additional item value was being multiplied after the booking was created. 

Fixed: Rounding error on booking confirmations

An intermittent error was discovered and fixed whereby a rounding error of one or two pence was occurring on some bookings. 

July 2023 Patch 851.52

Improvement: Allowed Apple Pay to load in an environment with multiple brands or sites in different timezones 

Previously the setup only allowed for one brand and timezone when displaying Apple Pay. 

Improvement: Amended our integration to accommodate changes in the Fortnox API 

Customer related request due to changes in organisational structure. 

Improvement: Stopped users entering a new stock record with no name 

Added a validation to ensure that staff can’t add inventory without naming it. 

Improvement: Add float to inventory reconciliation

Enabled decimal points on inventory reconciliation to allow for float. 

Improvement: Questionnaire close button 

On the multi activity flow the user was forced to complete a questionnaire. Now the user can close the questionnaire and the product will be removed from the cart if they change their mind or have clicked on the wrong time. 

Fixed: Full voucher issue on PayU gateway

An issue where a voucher equal to the price of the booking could not be applied on the PayU gateway has been fixed.

Fixed: Able to pay for cancelled bookings through payment links 

When a payment link was sent and then the booking was cancelled, the balance could still be paid.

Fixed: Booking Edit Component dynamic pricing group fix

An error that a customer experienced with dynamic group pricing on the booking edit modal has been fixed. 

Fixed: Promo Codes 

A customer experienced an issue with promo codes not applying. 

Fixed: Stock from all sites was displayed when performing stock reconciliation 

Fixed to ensure that only stock from that site displays when performing a reconciliation. 

Fixed: Issue for where the incorrect payment form was shown on staff booking page

On Lloyds Cardnet or PayU, two payment forms were shown to front of house staff. If the wrong form was used, the booking would be made with no booking payment and it would not take any assets. 

June 2023 Patch 851.41

Fixed: Minimum/ Maximum Quantity

A customer had an issue where the minimum quantity was applying to each dynamic pricing group, not across dynamic pricing groups. This issue has been resolved.

Fixed: Promo codes not applying to additional products on EPOS

Customers who use our EPOS and have promotional codes that apply to EPOS products (eg not ticketed products) could not apply the codes.

Fixed: Promo code not applying if certain conditions are met and a field is left blank

Fixed an issue that happened when a promo code was set up with ‘Code Usage Limit’ field containing a value, AND the Usage Limit Type is set to ‘Number of people’ AND the Qualifying Quantity threshold is left blank, then the success message will appear, but the promo code did not apply. 

Fixed: Promo code not applying if Usage Limit type is Number of People AND date applies to the Date of Booking

An issue was fixed whereby promo codes that met the above conditions could not be applied.

June 2023 Patch 851.35

Fixed: Issue with tax application on gift vouchers and fixed value promo codes

Where a promo code with a fixed value or a gift voucher was greater than the value of the cart, the discount would be applied to the product but not the tax.

Fixed: Issue when two products with questionnaires are added to a cart

If a product is added to the cart that includes a questionnaire, when that is completed and a second product is added to the cart that also requires a questionnaire, then the first questionnaire is presented again. 

Fixed: Issue with legacy promo codes applying to all sites

One customer experienced an issue with promo codes created before February 2023 being able to be applied across sites they had not been applied to.

Fixed: Issue with promo code application stopping payment with two ticketed products

A customer had an issue when two products were added to the cart and a promo code was applied, the purchase couldn’t progress.

June 2023 Patch 851.32

Improvement: Questionnaires on Multi-Activity Flow

Both conditional flow and standard questionnaires can now be used on the new multi-activity flow.

Improvement: GA4

For customers planning to use GA4, this update will allow fully supported tracking by providing updated syntax. 

Improvement: Promotional Codes – Products and Sites Lists

With this update you will be able to review a list of the Sites and Products assigned to the promotional code on the Promotional Code object in Salesforce. 

Fixed: Age rules failing when booking moved

Age rules were failing when the customer moved a booking forward and then book another product on the same date and time but with other age group. Two different age group bookings fell in same time slot.

Fixed: API Handler Vouchers

Customers using the BookNow API will need to update the variable ‘giftVouchers’ to ‘vouchers’.

Fixed: Refunds Showing as Payments in Adyen

When refunds were issued on Adyen, the response information was “eventCode=REFUND”, but the booking paymetn records were marked as sale and the paid amount was over 0.

Fixed: Automatic Add-On Items Showing as ‘Undefined’

When a product with an automatic add-on was being purchased, the add-on was showing as ‘undefined’ on the receipt, rather than showing the name of the add-on. This has been fixed.

Fixed: Maximum Quantity Product on Booking

Bookings that were made with a product that had maximum quantity set were allowing the number of guests to be adjusted above the maximum when the product was being edited. This has been fixed.

Fixed: Cancelled Bookings

A customer found that when a booking was marked as pending, if a payment failed then a second attempt succeeded, the booking was marked as cancelled.

Fixed: Dynamic Pricing Issue

A customer found that when they set a minimum and maximum on one dynamic pricing grouping, the pricing only selected from one group’s pricing for a party (eg adults and children in the group, only adult pricing would be selected).

Fixed: Unclickable Add Products Button

When editing a product, adding an empty product, delete the row, saving and closing, going to back in to edit, the add products could not be clicked. 

Fixed: Re-applying Promo Code

It was found that when a booking product was added to a cart, then a promo code added and the time allowed to expire, then when the product was added again, the system would not accept the promo code or apply it, thinking it was already applied.

Fixed: Promo Code Applying to Custom Asset Product

Promo codes were found to be applying to all Custom Asset Products, which are created on the fly in the Event Booking module. 

Promo codes will now not apply unless another product to which a promo code is applied is added to the booking. If you do not want the code to apply to the custom asset product, simply return the discount field to 0%.


June 2023 Patch 851.29

Fixed: Unable to make a paying via epos from the edit booking modal (Stripe)

When making a booking on the staff booking via skip payment and then attempting to pay through the  edit booking modal, payment via epos on edit booking modal couldn’t be made.

May 2023 Patch 851.25

Fixed: Issue when making an asset booking and adding an epos item with a modifier.

The booking failed to attach a payment record, it set the booking to pending and also failed to attach the epos booking product. The error it returned was “error receiving products from epos: invalid Id 3.00” issue when making an asset booking and adding an epos item.

Fixed: Error message when using modifiers

An error was displayed and also no payment attached

Fixed: Unclickable Add products button

When editing a booking, adding an empty product, deleting the row, saving and re-editing, the add products button could not be clicked.

Fixed: Issue with PPA peak and off peak pricing.

When we try to make the pricing for a product different at different times, it was showing up correctly on the time slots, however once added to the basket it reverted to the original price. 

Fixed: Incorrect Pricing For Staff

Incorrect pricing was pulling to the staff booking page.

Improvement: Limiting Employees to see the site they are linked to asset calendar

Previously, all employees could see all sites. We have made it possible to limit permissions so that staff only see their own site.

Fixed: The product still remains on the check in page even after deleting it from edit booking modal

For one customer, when removing a product from a booking, the product still remained on the check in page even though a negative booking product had been created and the booking total is reflecting to show the removed product.

Fixed: Issue with adding two identical products with pricing per asset.

When two of the same product were added to the basket that has price per asset enabled, you will want the same product at the same time but 2 different entries on the basket.

If you try to refund one of them, the assets weren’t removed no matter how you reduced the numbers.

Fixed: Product Group Help text was showing on Staff Booking pages

The help text was showing on the Staff Booking page and stayed on the screen persistently.

Fixed: Error adding a product with questionnaire

If a product had a questionnaire attached, it could not be added. To retest, simply try adding a product with a questionnaire, either on the front end or Staff Booking. 

Fixed: Could not create a booking due this Error “attempt to deref null object on checkout”

If the user tried to create a booking, the error appeared. To test, simply try adding a booking. 

Improvement: Intermittent network issue

A customer experienced intermittent network issues. We have made a number of improvements to ensure that the system can support users with these issues. 

March 2023 Features and Patch

We are delighted to share the updates to be rolled out as a part of our latest release:

New Features/Performance Improvements
  • Inventory Management: You can now manage all stock in, see a live overview of expected inventory levels, add wastage and carry out stock takes all within the BookNow environment. Find out how here.
  • Recipe Builder: Create recipes using your inventory as ingredients, so that when a recipe is attached to a product, every time that product is sold the correct amount of inventory is reduced from your stock.
  • Self-Service UI: Let your customers order from the table with our improved self-service user interface. Google and Apple Pay accepted for Stripe users. Find out how to set it up on your site.
  • Enquiry Management: If you have large bookings; corporate, school, church or other groups, you will often want to manage your leads prior to any booking. We have created a space for you, ready to tailor to your needs. Find out more here.
  • Event Booking: When you have a large group to book in, it is useful to have an overview of your assets, so that you can see what is available and when. We have integrated our asset overview page and edit booking modal to enable flexible event booking.You can also add details and notes for the booking that can be combined to create a BEO that will ensure your operational team can deliver a quality guest experience on the day.Together with the Enquiry Management object, you can manage everything from first enquiry to payment in two pages, simplifying the sales process significantly. See how event booking works here.
  • Multi-Activity Booking Flow: (NB only for Stripe users). We have developed a brand new online sales flow in partnership with one of our larger customers. We will be making it available for all customers in the next few weeks. Find out if it might suit your business and how you can set it up here.
  • Hour-Based Promotional Codes: We have increased the flexibility of the promotional code setup to enable hour-based codes so that you can target your off-peak hours, and even set up more than one period in a day. See the instructions for setting promotional codes up here.
  • Quantity-Based Dynamic Pricing: Dynamic Pricing functionality has also been extended so that you can discount your bookings based on group size.
  • Single Asset Availability Bar Charts: Another popular request from many customers has been delivered; the ability to see capacity by hour in a bar chart for each asset. On the register/check-in page, simply click the dropdown in the top right of the page, select your asset and it will change the line graph to the bar graph for that asset, showing availability by hour.
  • GiftPro Integration: For UK users, we’ve integrated with GiftPro for physical gift card distribution and management. Find out how to set up your integration here.
  • Card digits on receipts: For Stripe users, we have added clarity to receipts for staff and consumers by adding the last four digits of the card number used in the transaction.
  • Using Identical Site Names: For customers with multiple brands in the same town or city, we have ensured that it is possible to use the same site name twice.
  • Average Guest Age Rules – Language addition: Average guest age can now be translated into other languages as a custom setting.

Issue Fixes
  • Gift card issues
  • Wrong year showing on printed receipts
  • Double bookings through PaymentSense: We have added a webhook cleanup process into the next release that will delete webhooks that were created more than a month ago.
  • Booking not pulling product names
  • Customer unable to buy one-off membership
  • Payments received on Stripe not showing in BookNow
  • Paylink Payments taken from customer but showing on
  • Some bookings with 10+ child products were not showing a description
  • Bookings being made with no booking products
  • 1p remaining issue rectified
  • Enabled purchasing of memberships through EPOS rather than solely through cards.
  • Assets not being freed up when a booking is cancelled.
  • Issue with moving party bookings on V2
  • Issues related to the new edit booking modal
  • Payment Link issue resolved
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