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Conditional Questionnaires

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Summary of steps to implement:
  • Create your flow using the questionnaireFlowTemplate
  • Attach the flows api name into the corresponding questionnaire object’s Bnow__Flow_API_Name__c field
  • Make sure that the updateRelatedAnswers flow is active
  • This is all that needs to be done, if the above has been done correctly, when selecting you product that has the questionnaire linked to it you will instead see your screen flow and after you have made your booking you will be able to see the answers in the eyeball modal on the register page.

Finding the Template and Creating a New Flow

Navigate to your Salesforce environment and click the ‘Setup’ cog.
Click Setup.
Click the “Quick Find” field.
Enter ‘flows’ and click the option “Flows”
Find and click on “questionnaireFlowTemplate”
The flow template will open. It has a Question Screen, a createAnswerSet and createAnswer1 as the basic flow.
To review the screen element, click “Edit Element
Review the createAnswerSet element by clicking on it and selecting Edit Element.
Here you will see the main APIs created and the values they are relating to: Bnow__Answers_GUID__c – on Bnow__Booking_Product__c , Bnow__Answer_Set__c , Bnow__Answer__c Without these elements in your answer set and answers, the record won’t be created in the booking.
To review createAnswer1, click here and select Edit Element.
When modifying, only change the third and fourth values of these elements. Due to the importance of getting the first two elements right, we recommend copying the whole element and changing the values when modifying the flow.
To exit the element, click “Done”
Before you make any modifications and add answers click “Save As”
Click “A New Flow”
Enter the title in the “Flow Label” field.
The API name will be created automatically, but can be edited. Click “Save”
Before activating your flow run a “Debug”
When everything is ok, click “Activate”
Click “Save As”
Make sure ‘A New Version’ is selected and click “Save”
Click here on the cog.
Select and copy the flow’s API name.
Click “Done”

Adding the Questionnaire to your Product

Go back to your Salesforce environment and click on the nine dots.
Click the “Search apps and items…” field and type ‘products’
Select the “Products” option.
Click the dropdown for the product you want to add the flow to.
Click “Edit”
Click the Questionnaire cell.
Click “+ New Questionnaire”
Give the questionnaire a name, then paste the API int he ‘Flow API Name’ field.
Click “Save”
Click “Save” again

How to Test the Questionnaire

To test the questionnaire on the front end, go to your kiosk or staff booking area and start a booking…
Click Checkout…
Your questionnaire will open. You can run through your questionnaire, ensuring any rules perform as expected.
Clicking “Next” to progress…
Complete the booking

Reviewing the Responses

To view the answers, go to your Check-in or Register page
Click the eye icon…
Click “Questions”…
And you will see the responses.

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