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Configuring an Asset Class Entitlement

Having created a new Asset Class, the next step is to drag the Asset Class from the Asset Classes panel onto the Asset Classes tile in order to apply it to the product:
When you do this, the ‘Configure Asset Class Entitlement’ window appears – this details how the Asset Class interacts with the system:
  • Asset Order: this determines the order that the asset class appears in, if there are multiple asset classes assigned to a product (ie: for a bundle product where you might have a session of laser games before entering a party room afterwards – you’d set the Asset Order on the Laser Games asset class to be 1, and the order of the Party Rooms asset class to be 2).
  • Asset Quantity Limit: set this to 1 (it’s not really used).
  • Asset Duration Assignment:
    • Duration x quantity: use where the duration allowed for a session increases by the quantity of participants, EG: bowling lanes – a group of 6 people would take longer to finish their session of 2 games each than a group of 3 people would take.
    • Fixed Duration: Simple fixed duration which is not dependent on the number of participants.
  • Asset Duration: Set how long each session lasts, in minutes – EG: 120 minutes
  • Asset Timing:
    • Booking Time: Specifies that the Asset Class starts from the time of the booking. EG: if you’re playing laser games and book in at 10am, this asset class kicks in from then.
    • End of Previous Asset: Used for bundle products where you might play laser games before entering the Party Room – this setting lets the system know to start this Asset Class at the end of the previous one. EG: on the Laser Games asset class, you’d set Asset Timing to “Booking Time”, and then set the Party Rooms asset class to use “End of Previous Asset” so that it starts only after the end of the Laser Games slot finishes.
  • Asset Offset: set in minutes, this allows you to instruct the system to allow a break of a set number of minutes between the previous asset class and this one. For example, you may want a 15 min break between the laser game and the start of the party to allow for people to return the gear, etc.
  • Use Bookable Asset Schedule: This instructs the system to only use the schedule that is assigned to each Asset, and not to use the Schedule set against the whole Product.

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