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Updated Voucher Process

If you do not see the fields shown in this document or you think you are on an older version of the voucher process please contact us for support. 
Step 1  – Select the 9 dots and search products, then select products 
Step 2  – Select New 
Step 3 – Select Voucher Product and then next
Step 4 – Configure the following fields 
  • Active – Check this box to activate the product 
  • Product Name – Example:  “£10 Voucher”
  • IsVoucherProduct – Tick this box to tell the system its a voucher product 
  • Reporting group – Add the reporting group this should come under 
  • Type of Voucher – In this case we select “Gift Card”
  • Show to – Do you want it to show to staff or Customer or Both 
  • Tax Percentage – Example :  20 for 20% 
  • Expiry Days –  How many days until it expires from purchase of gift voucher 
  • *Product Description – A description for the customer booking page 
  • *Is Webstore – Needs to be ticked if your on V3 or using the webstore 
  • *Value Multiplier – Use this to multiply the gift card when purchased 
*Optional Fields 

Value Multiplier

This is great for events like black Friday when you might want to offer 50% off gift cards. As an example if you wanted to sell the giftcard for £10 but the customer actually gets a £20 giftcard you would set the multiplier as 2 
Step 5 – Finally you need to add pricebooks which is the sales price. This also tells the system which sites the product should be sold at. If you have sites with different currencies you may want to set up separate gift cards for each site. If you dont then you can sell the same giftcard across all sites. 

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