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Creating a new Booking Product

1.  Log onto your environment.
2.  Create any Reporting Groups that need adding.
3.  Click the ‘Product Builder’ tab:
4.  From the Product Builder Dashboard and with ‘Booking Products’ selected, click the NEW button (right hand side) and you’ll see this screen:
5.  By default, the Product Name is set to ‘[site name] – [today’s date/time]’. You can change this as appropriate, EG: 1 Hour Jump Session (if you sell trampoline park tickets!)
6.  The ‘Short Description’ is blank by default. If filled in, the short description is visible on the Customer booking site, on each Product tile as pointed out below:
7.  The ‘View Full Description’ button allows you to add and format text for a more detailed description – this is where you can really sell that product or add additional information that will be helpful or necessary for customers.
8.  By default, a new Product is inactive and also not visible on either the Staff or Customer booking sites – slide over the toggles to activate the Product and present to Staff and Customers sites as required:
NB: the left-facing arrow in the Product name section is the ‘back’ button that will take you back to the Product Builder Dashboard.
Changes are saved as you make them, there is no ‘Save’ button.
The remainder of the Product Builder sections for a Booking Product are explained in detail in these articles below – each of these sections (except for Questionnaires, Additional Items and T&C’s) are mandatory and must be completed for a Product to appear on the Customer or Staff booking pages:

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