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Creating a new EPOS Product

An EPOS product is any product that a customer can purchase other than your ticket products.  For example, your cafe products are EPOS products.
Follow these steps below to add new EPOS products individually.
NB: it is also possible to bulk import EPOS products into Salesforce for use in the BookNow software. Ask a member of the support team if you’d like to know more about this.

Adding a new EPOS product

  1. Log onto the customers environment.
  2. Create any Reporting Groups that need adding
  3. Click the ‘Product Builder’ tab:
4.  From the Product Builder Dashboard and with ‘Epos Products’ selected, click the NEW button (right hand side) and you’ll see this screen:
5. By default, the Product Name is set to “[site name] – [today’s date/time]”.  You can change this as appropriate, EG: Cappuccino or Latte or Hotdog, etc.
6.  The ‘Short Description’ and ‘Long Description’ do not show anywhere for an Epos Product, so no need to add these.
7.  By default, a new Epos Product is inactive and also not visible on either the Staff or Customer booking sites – slide over the toggles to active the Product and present to Staff and Customers sites as required:
NB: the left-facing arrow in the Product name section is the ‘back’ button that will take you back to the Product Builder Dashboard.
Changes are saved as you make them, there is no ‘Save’ button.

Adding an image

By default, no image is associated with an EPOS Product. To add an image, follow these steps:
1. Click the ‘Image’ icon (camera) on the left hand side – this opens the ‘Images’ panel:
2.  Any existing images that have already been uploaded will be visible.
3.  Click the ‘New’ button to upload a new image file.
4.  Once uploaded, the image will appear in the Image panel on the left hand side.
5.  To apply this image to the Voucher Product, drag and drop the image from the Image panel on the ‘No Image’ area to the top right of the Voucher Product:
NB: Changes are saved as you go, there is no save button!

Advanced Section

1.  Expand the ‘Advanced Section’ – be sure to click the ‘Settings Cog’ on the right hand side to add in these fields highlighted below:
2.  For Epos Products to work, as a minimum the product must have:
  • A price
  • An ‘Epos Family Group’
  • An ‘Epos Family’
3.  But it’s good practice to include these, as necessary:
  • Reporting Group (EG: cafe)
  • is Kitchen Product (if it’s to interact with the Kitchen terminals)
  • is Bar Product (if its to interact with the Bar terminals)

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