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Creating a new Salesforce user

This help article details how to create a new platform user in salesforce, from start to finish, using simple steps.
What is a Platform user ? : 
Users with a Salesforce Platform user license can access all the custom apps in your organization. Although normally the platform user starts with limited access and access is granted to by the administrator(s). A user’s level of access is slightly less than an administrator and salesforce assign a smaller number of administrators and a larger number of platform users.
How to create: 
Step 1 : Access the Setup page by clicking the cog on the top right and then ‘Setup.’
Step 2 : Search ‘Users’ on the quick find box on the left, and the click it.
Step 3 : Click ‘New User’
Step 4 : Fill in the required ‘General Information’ fields, with your appropriate information
Step 5 : On the right of the same page there are 3 boxes with red lines next to them, make sure they are filled in exactly to the picture below
Step 6 : Click ‘Save’
Step 7 : Scroll down on the same page to find a set of assignments, find ‘Permission Set License Assignments’ and click ‘Edit Assignments’ 
Step 7 : Make sure the ‘Orders Platform’ checkbox is ticked and then click ‘Save’. 
NOTE : Every-time you click save, it will automatically take you back to the page just before, for you.
Step 8 : Click on Edit Assignments for the ‘Permission Set Assignments’
Step 9 : Make sure to add ‘BookNow Software User Perms’ and ‘BookNow Software User Perms V2’ to the ‘Enabled Permission Set’ box using the arrows in the middle. Then Click Save.
NOTE : You may not have BookNow Software User Perms V2, this is OK. Still make sure the original user perms are moved to the box on the right and it will still work.
Step 10 : Scroll down to the bottom and find the ‘Managed Packages’ box and click ‘Assign Licences’.
Step 11 : Make sure the ‘BookNow Software package’ is ticked. Then click ‘Add’.
All Done!
NOTE : More Licenses can be purchased if needed, contact [email protected] to do so.
If you experience any further problems, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] where we can assist you further.

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