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Creating Reporting Groups

Reporting Groups allow you to report on groups of similar bookings at a specific site or across multiple sites, for example you may want to report on all Party Rooms bookings, or all Axe Throwing bookings, or all cafe products purchased, etc. There are some pre-defined Reporting Groups already in the system which can be used, so have a look through these before adding new Reporting Groups.
Before staring to build up Products, it’s best to consider and create any Reporting Groups that need creating – these can then be applied when creating the Products.
To add new Reporting Groups, follow these steps

1. Click the Setup cog > click Setup
2.  Click the Object Manager tab
3.  In the ‘Quick Find’ search box on the right, search for ‘Product’
4.  On the left hand side, click the ‘Product’ link:

5.  Under ‘Details’, click the ‘Fields & Relationships’ link:
6.  In the ‘Quick Find’ search box on the right, search for ‘Reporting Group’
7.  Under ‘Field Label’, click the ‘Reporting Group’ link:
8.  Scroll down to the ‘Values’ section and click the ‘New’ button:
9.  When adding Reporting Groups, you can add multiple at a time – simply put them on a new line, as below:
 10.  Be sure to select which Record Type you want the new Reporting Group(s) available for – it’s best to simply click the checkbox next to ‘Record Type Name‘ which will select ALL Record Types for you, as above.
11.  Click the Save button at the very bottom to add the new Reporting Group(s)

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