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Customer Account Report

Creating a report with all customer email’s can be a useful way to group data when sending mass emails or general marketing use.
This helpful step-by-step guide details how to create this report, and what columns and filters you will need to add.
Step 1: Find ‘Reports’ by finding it on the top bar, nine dots or search bar
Step 2: Click ‘New Report’
Step 3: Chose ‘Accounts’ report type and click continue.
Step 4: Delete all the columns by pressing the ‘x’ and then click on filters.
Step 5: Make sure ‘all accounts’ is selected.
Step 6: Pick a start date that you want, this is the date the customer accounts were created. This could be the date you started the business or perhaps you want to focus on mainly new customers. End date again is up to you. Click Apply
Step 7: Go back to outline
Step 8: Using the search bar add the three columns : ‘Account name’, ‘Person Account : Email’ and ‘Marketing Checkbox’.

You can add any other columns you wish if you are familiar with making reports.

Step 9: Click ‘refresh’

Step 10: You should now be presented with your table fill of customer names and email’s. Click Save and Run
Step 11: Name your report, and give a brief description if you wish. Then click ‘Select Folder’.
Step 12: If you wish the report to only be seen by you (the creator), select it as private report, or if you want it to be seen and accessed by anyone elseselect public report.
Step 13: Click Save
Extra: If you wish to export the table to any other marketing software as a spreadsheet, click on the dropdown arrow on ‘edit’ and click export.
If you experience any problems do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] where we can assist you further.

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