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Currently, for a Product to appear on the Customer of Staff booking pages, it must have Dynamic Pricing added, even if that pricing is a single fixed price – this should be addressed in future versions of Product Builder so that if using fixed pricing only, then only the Price field in the ‘Advanced Section’ will need to be completed and no Dynamic Pricing will need to be added.
Follow the sections below for how to configure the Dynamic Pricing tile.

Creating a Product with single price group option

This Product below (‘Standard Party Package’ for a soft play company Frankie & Lola’s) has a single price group option – you can simply choose how many ‘Participants’ there are:

In order to create a single price group option as per above, there are two potential steps:
1. Editing Dynamic Pricing Groups
2. Creating a single Dynamic Price record for a Product

Creating a Product with multiple price group options

Each of these two Products below (‘Morning Sessions’ and ‘Afternoon Sessions’ for a Soft Play company Frankie & Lola’s) has multiple price options per Product:

In order to create multiple price options as per the above image, the same two steps as above apply:
1.  Editing Dynamic Pricing Groups (if necessary)
2.  Creating a single Dynamic Price record for a Product
To create multiple Dynamic Pricing records for the same product, just click the ‘New’ button and repeat step 2 above.  You will end up with something like this:

Adding existing Dynamic Pricing records

If Dynamic Pricing has already been created for another Product, and it’s a fit for the new Product you’re building, you can simply apply the existing Dynamic Pricing record to the new Product by dragging it from the Dynamic Pricing panel on the left hand side onto the Dynamic Pricing tile on the Product:

Removing Dynamic Pricing from a Product

To remove a Dynamic Pricing record from a Product, click the X on the Dynamic Price record that’s against the Dynamic Pricing tile on the Product:


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