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Enquiry Management

Step-by-Step Instructions

To To add an enquiry, navigate to your Salesforce environment and login.

Go to Enquiries by searching under the nine dots on the top left of the Salesforce page or click “Enquiries” from the drop down on the right of the page.


We have made this object as simple as possible when it is deployed to your environment so that you can tailor it to your needs.

You can add fields by clicking the cog on the top right of the page and clicking Edit Object.

Some useful fields might include:
– A relationship field to your Accounts, so that enquiries can be related to a main contact in an organisation. (to search on more than one field – for example organisation name as well as contact name, follow these instructions)
– A dropdown to select the type of enquiry so that you can categorise them properly
– A dropdown to select the enquiry status so that you can manage your enquiries through your sales process.

You an also add elements to the page, such as a progress bar, taking the progress from the drop down suggested above. Instructions to add the bar can be found here.

To add an enquiry click ‘New’
You can add details of the enquiry here.
Once you have added all of the required details, click “Save”
Once saved, the new enquiry object will show. You can edit the enquiry, make it a booking. (You can find out what Event Bookings are and how to use them by clicking here) or add a Note to the booking.
Here you can see how the progress bar mentioned above is implemented.

Another useful addition to your Enquiries area could be an Activities Component. To add one, simply click ‘Page Layout’, click and hold ‘Activities’ from the Standard Components list on the left hand side of the page and drag it over to the left hand side of the page. Click ‘Save’.

When you click the back arrow in the dark blue bar, the page will be updated automatically.


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