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Create Event Bookings

You can create new Event Bookings in one of two ways.

You can access the modal directly by searching under the nine dots on your Salesforce homepage.

Alternatively, if you have been managing an enquiry in the Enquiry object, you can click ‘Make Booking’ and it will automatically open the modal and populate the contact details from the enquiry object.
When it loads, the page will only reveal a Site search bar and Contact search/ Add New:
First, select your Site from the dropdown.
If this is a brand new enquiry, you can search for an existing customer:
If the customer isn’t in your database, you can add a new contact by clicking ‘+Add New’. As noted above, if you opened this page by clicking ‘New Booking’ in an Enquiry, then the name will be populated from the Enquiry.
Once you have selected the site and contact, the asset calendar and booking components will be revealed.
You can create bookings in one of two ways. Custom bookings, in which you block out assets and create custom pricing, can be created in the Asset Calendar. Bespoke bookings, in which you use your standard products to build the event, can be created through the Edit Booking modal in the bottom left modal.

The Asset Calendar section in the top left of the screen, including filtering assets, selecting dates and saving preferred settings works like the Asset Overview page in your BookNow system. You can find instructions for the Asset Overview here.

The Booking modal in the bottom left of the screen works in the same way as the Edit Booking modal, but with some extra functionality. You can find instructions for the Edit Booking Modal here.

Creating Custom Bookings in the Asset Calendar

The first is to find assets that are available at the time and day you need and book them through the asset overview by clicking on the starting time…
… and – either on the same asset or a group of assets – select the end time
The assets will appear blocked and with the name of the customer/contact assigned to them:
You can apply a custom price to your custom booking in the table below.

Use Standard Products

Alternatively, you can select a product:
Find the date you are looking for:
Add the number of people the booking is for:
Search for times:
And select your time that way:

Let your operational team know what is happening: Creating BEOs

To create a BEO, click the text button by ‘Mark as Quote’
This will bring up three text boxes. These are:
1. Booking notes. It will contain any notes added at enquiry stage and you can make any changes here.
2. BEO food. Here you should enter any details about the food set up and timing. Anything specific that either your kitchen or front of house team need to know about an event.
3. BEO Setup. This is for any other details about the event that need to be arranged. Band or DJ need to be booked? Free glass of bubbly on arrival? Add those notes here. 
When your customer is ready, you can mark the booking as a quote. This will move the booking from pending  to a quote in the booking description. It will also make the booking status not paid as a marker that its been issued as a quote.
When you are ready to send your quote, you can create a new email and either enter the details or choose from your pre-built templates. 
When your customer is ready to pay, you can take payment over the phone, send a paylink or simply take BACS payment. 
If you want to access and make amendements to an Event Booking item, go to Bookings, open the booking you want to edit and click Edit Full Booking:

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