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How to increase capacity

V3, the capacity of a site is composed by one or different asset classes. 
An Asset Class holds all the assets that a particular area have – 
For example: If you have an area of soft play that have a capacity of 50, you would need to have a soft play capacity with 50 assets (each with an Asset Capacity of 1).  If you have 3 party rooms, your asset class will be composed by 3 assets with an Asset Capacity of  20 people for example (the maximum number of people the room can have).
If you need assistance creating a new assets class, please check this article –
Once you have your asset classes created, you might need to increase or reduce it. How to do it?
1. On Salesforce, click on the 9 dots, search and select “Sites” and then select the particular site you would like to edit capacity. 
2. Click on “Assets” and then on the asset class you would like to edit. 
3. To increase capacity, if the extra assets you would like to add does not exist on the system yet, you need to create new assets clicking on “Create New Assets” on the right-hand side. 
* Click “Single” if you need to created only 1 asset or “Mass Create” for more than 1
Create the new assets providing the following information:
     – Asset capacity: Is the maximum number of spaces that the asset can hold. If it is a trampoline asset class where one ticket should block one space on capacity, the asset capacity would be 1. If the assets are party rooms that have a capacity of 20 people, the asset capacity would be 20. 
    – Number of Assets: When you select “Mass create” this field shows up asking how many assets you would like to create. 
    – You can activate the option to include the new assets in the asset calendar if you wish. 
    – Schedule: You need to add a schedule to the assets, so the system knows the times those assets are available. Start typing the name of the schedule and click enter to search schedules, then select the appropriate one. A suggestion is adding a schedule that runs all day, so that way the system will only focus on the schedule linked to the product. 
* Confirm the creation of new assets.
* If you would like to add some assets that already exist on the system, you can do so, searching the name of those assets on the search field on the left-hand side of the page,  selecting the ones you would like to add –
Then scrolling down to click “Add” at the bottom of the page.
4.  To reduce capacity, you can select the assets you would like to remove, scroll down and click “Remove” at the bottom of the page. 
When you reduce capacity removing  assets, it could be that some bookings were created using those assets you have removed. If so, those booking won’t show on the asset calendar, and won’t be blocking spaces off the reduced capacity, as they are not on the asset class any more. 
We would recommend checking bookings created with those assets removed (this can be done running a report) and blocking manually capacity.
Please, be careful and bear in mind that the option “Delete Asset Class” would delete the whole asset class rather than some particular assets. 

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