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Importing EPOS Products

To import the items from the spreadsheet you’ve prepared, follow these steps below:

1. With your current tab still open on the your environment, open a new tab and type in ‘‘ and hit Enter

2. Click ‘Login with Salesforce’


3.Click ‘Login’
4. This opens against the customer environment you still have open in the previous tab.
   a. Check the ‘Connection’ links to the correct customer environment
   b. Under ‘Operation’, click the ‘Insert’ button
   c. Under ‘Object’, search for ‘Product’, then click on Product in the list:
6. Click Next
7. Upload your .csv file
8. Next, we need to map the fields together – it should have picked up most of the Salesforce fields based on what we named the columns in our spreadsheet. However, those that haven’t picked up correctly (similar to those highlighted in yellow below) will need to be manually mapped to the correct field:
9. To do this, click ‘Select’ next to each row that needs mapping and search for the correct field:
10. Once all fields are mapped, click Next:
11. If needed, you can use the ‘Advanced’ section to correct the formatting of date fields, etc.
12. Click Save and Run
13. Click Run:
14. Be sure to click in the top row (almost straight away) to force it to refresh and show the status of the insert:
16. If any errors occur, then click the link for the errors and view what they are, before correcting and re-importing.
17. You can check it’s imported ok by searching for one of the products you’ve just imported, then checking all the features you set have saved ok (ie: Is Bar Product is ticked, etc).
18. NB: the EPOS products you’ve just imported won’t yet show up on the staff EPOS site or in Product Builder – first, you need to add Price Books, which is covered in the next section.

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