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Initiating Refunds with Stripe

NB These instructions are for EPOS only. The normal process should be followed for bookings, which you can find here:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Navigate to the EPOS system
Start a transaction
The Initiate Refund button will appear
It will assume today’s date. Click the cell to open the calendar and pick your date.
In the next cell, enter the last four digits of the card number.
Click ‘Search’

A list of transactions will appear matching the date and card number.
Select the transaction you want to refund.

On the next page you can choose to refund the transaction in whole or in part.
To refund the whole, click the Refund All button
To refund part, click the right hand Quantity column and choose the amount from the drop down.
Then click ‘Refund’.

On the next page confirm the amount by clicking the box containing the amount and click ‘Next’.

The system will return to the EPOS page and provide confirmation message in the right hand column.

If there are no matching transactions when you complete a search, you will get a red error message. Please ensure the date and last four digits of the card are correct.

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