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Making an onsite booking

This article takes you through making an onsite booking of a normal product.
Step 1 : Select the correct site
Step 2 : Select the correct product
Step 3 : Choose the date and number of adults/children, then press ‘search’
Step 4 : Select the right time, you will see the price of the ticket underneath also.
Step 5 : Now the item is added to the cart, but before you must assign the product to a new or existing customer, creating a new customer is very easy and can be done there and then by clicking ‘new’.
Step 6 : In the cart area there are a number of options and ammendments you can make to the booking before you proceed with payment.
1 : Add a note to the booking 
2 : 
3 : Apply a gift voucher code
4 : Make a percentage or numerical discount.
Step 6 : Select payment method

Paying Online

i)  Select payment type
ii) Enter details and pay

Paying through EPOS

i) Press Pay (Unless you’d wish to add additional items like food and drink)
ii) Select payment type (Some options may be different for you eg. on your payment provider)
iii) Take payment through the chosen method
Done! You will be able to find the booking in the check in screen and in your salesforce environment.

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