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Printing or showing orders on kitchen/bar screen

We have available a feature that allows orders to be printed off or shown on a kitchen screen. 
How does this works?

* For orders to be shown on a screen:

You can access to this page through your BookNow Staff Page, selecting “Epos”.


And then, clicking on “Kitchen”


– You can choose between the kitchen or bar screen in the top right corner.

* For orders to be printed:

– The page should be always open when you need orders to be printed off. If the page is closed, orders won’t be printed.

– You can tick or untick the option “Play audio“. When it is ticked, the system will make a noise when an order is received and printed, so the kitchen staff is aware of the new order. 

If you want to implement both options (orders on screen and printed) you can do it, but bear in mind that when the order is printed, on the kitchen or bar screen the order would appear as a “Past order” and the staff would need to click that tab to be able to see it.

Also, it is very important to check that all the Epos products are correctly configured and have the correct box ticked (is a bar product or kitchen product) so that way the order goes to the correct place. 


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