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Product Record Types

We have introduced product record types in order to remove fields that are not needed when creating certain products and to make it easy to know what you need to fill in. 

Here I explain each record type in some more detail:

  • Additional Item Product – These are “add on” products that link to a main product such as socks or merchandise 
  • All Products – This contains every field and can be used if you are unsure 
  • EPOS Product – Products that are sold on your epos such as food and drinks 
  • Redirect Product – This is when you want a product to redirect you to another webpage (Such as your membership section) 
  • Series Product – A product that sells a recurring series of tickets, such as an 8 week fitness course
  • Standard Ticket Product – This is your normal ticket product linked to a capacity and schedule 
  • Voucher Product – This is used for a gift cards that you will sell online and in store 
  • Birthday (In the next update)– Birthday parties which are normally linked to a room 
**If you want add all your existing drop down items such as reporting group and epos family to all the product record types please see the help clip here. (Once this is done you wont have to do this for new drop down items created) 

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