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Promotional Codes

Step-by-Step Instructions

Navigate to the BookNow setup page in your Salesforce environment

Go to the ‘Create a promotional code’ widget and click ‘Next’:

Add a name for your promo code.

Add a start and end date…

Set how many times the promo code can be used

From the dropdown select whether you want the usage to be dictated by the number of bookings or the number of people on the booking.
NB If you are using ‘Number of People’ please ensure that, when are selecting the products the promotional code will apply to, you only select Bookable Products (see below). 

Choose whether you want the date context to be based on the date of the activity or the date on which it is booked. Then choose the minimum quantity needed to redeem the code.

Select the Discount Type – percentage or amount. Then add the amount of discount.

Choose whether you want the promo code to apply to one site, a number of sites or all sites.

Choose whether you want the promo code to apply to one product, a number of products or all products.

Choose which days you want the promo code to apply

If you don’t want the code to apply all day, set your start and end time. Leaving the times as 00:00 and 00:00 will apply the promo code all day

Set the times by selecting them from the drop down.

And again for the end time.

To set more than one time period in a day, you can click the ‘+’ and a new row will appear…

Again, select the start and end times from the dropdown.

Once you have selected all of the times, click ‘Next’

To see the completed Salesforce object, use the link provided.

Click “Finish”. You will then be able to use your promotional code. 

Manually creating a code :

To apply a promotional code to more then one product please see the article here 

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