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Quantity-Based Dynamic Pricing

Step-by-Step Instructions

Go to your Product Builder and find the product you want to add Quantity-Based Dynamic to. In the Dynamic Pricing area, click “VIEW/EDIT” in one of the widgets.
Choose the Pricing Group you want to configure and select Configure Pricing
Set the minimum and maximum quantities for the first pricing set.
Click “Update Settings”
Click “Add another Quantity”
Click “Add New”
The Add New form will open.
Add the minimum and maximum quantities in the appropriate fields.
Click “Add New”
Click the “Price” field.
Update the price for that price band and click “Add / Update”
Click “Update Settings”
You can add as many price ranges as you need. To view the pricing bands click “Add another Quantity”
All of the ranges you have added will be shown
You can close the pop up by using the cross on the top right corner.

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