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If a Questionnaire is applied to a Product, the Questionnaire appears to a customer once they have added that Product to the cart.  
The questions on the Questionnaire can be mandatory or not.
Questionnaires can be useful for gathering information about the participants before they attend their booking, for example for Party products, you may wish to gather the name and age of the birthday child so that you can personalize the Party Room before they attend.
The sections below explain how to create, configure or remove Questionnaires.

Creating a new Questionnaire

1.  Click the ‘New’ button the Questionnaire tile:
2.  Give it a name and click ‘Create’:
3.  Select whether it’s available to the Customer or Staff booking sites or both:
4.  Click View/Edit:
  • Questionnaire Name – this shows as the ‘title’ of the Questionnaire on the Staff and/or Customer booking sites
  • Questionnaire Description – this is optional
  • Click ‘Create’:
5.  Click ‘New Question’ to add the first question, selecting the type of question: Text, Drop Down or Radio Button:
6.  Click Next:
  • Add in a Question Title 
  • Tick whether you’d like the question to be mandatory or not
  • Click Save
7.  Click the ‘View Questionnaire’ tab to view what it looks like thus far:
8. To add further questions, click the ‘Create Questionnaire’ tab and add further questions.
9.  Once you’re finished adding questions, click ‘Close’ – the completed Questionnaire has now been added to the Product:

Adding an existing Questionnaire to a Product

If you’ve already created a Questionnaire that you’d like to use, you can apply that Questionnaire to the new product by simply clicking and dragging it from the Questionnaire panel on the left hand side onto the Questionnaire tile on the Product:

Removing a Questionnaire from a Product

To remove a Questionnaire from a Product, click the X on the Questionnaire that’s against the Questionnaire tile on the Product:

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