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Recipe Builder Overview
The Recipe Dashboard contains a list of all recipes filtered by site and then segmented by Location. Additionally you can enter a search term to filter the displayed recipes, this can be done by Category or by Name, so if you wanted to see all recipes that had the category of ‘Wine’ you would simply search for ‘Wine’, otherwise, searching by Name will filter to the recipes that have names which match the entered search text.
The Dashboard also contains two modal windows which are accesible via the settings cog icon in the top right hand section of the dashboard. The options are ‘Edit Locations’ and ‘Edit Categroies’. The following modal windows pop up and allow you to Edit, Remove or Add new Locations and Categories.
To Add a new Category, enter the new Category Name and specify which Location the Category should be assigned to. You can add the same Category to multiple locations if desired.
When selecting the Actions button on a Recipe, you can select View/Edit to open the Recipe Builder, Clone to duplicate the Recipe and it’s Ingredients or Delete to remove the Recipe entirely.
Recipe Builder
This is the Recipe Builder page, it contains an Input field for the Recipe name, dropdown selectors for Category and Location, an Ingredients section to Add, Edit and Delete Ingredients as well as a section for Roll-Up Recipes (Name changed to Sub-Recipe. See supporting page below for justification) & An option to define if this recipe is a sub-recipe. The Action buttons in the top right are self explanatory.
This is the window displayed upon clicking ‘Add Ingredients’, allowing you to search for existing ingredients, search for Inventory Items to create ingredients from & create an entire ingredient from scratch.
There two ways of creating a New Ingredient, either from the Inventory tab Action button menu, or from the Ingredient panel ‘+’ button. By selecting New Ingredient from the Inventory Tab it will pre-populate the chosen Inventory Item to draw down the stock from.
If a New Ingredient is created from the Ingredient panel, you will additionally have to search for the Inventory Item you wish to use in the recipe.
When creating the New Ingredient there are several fields that are Required to be populated:
  • Name
  • Inventory Item
  • Quantity
  • Unit of Measure (Default set to Unit)
  • Inclusion (Default set to Fixed)
  • The optional fields are Additional Price and Min/Max additional quantity.
If an Ingredients Inclusion field is set to ‘Fixed’ this means the ingredient can not be removed from the Recipe and can not be increased or decreased in quantity.
Setting it to ‘Additional’ enables the min/max quantity fields to allow a quantity in a specific range and setting the Inclusion to ‘Optional’ means the ingredient can be removed, so the value will always be either 1 or 0.
Selecting an ingredient from the existing Ingredients tab will simply add the selected ingredient to the recipe with the predefined fields used when it was first created. The ingredient can also then be edited from the Recipe Builder page to fine tune any of the settings if they require changing.
To apply a Recipe to a Product, click the ‘Apply’ button in the top right hand section of the screen and search for the Product that it should be applied to, then click ‘Apply’.

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