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Schedules control when your Booking Products are available to be booked.  For example, if you own a trampoline park and your doors are open between 10am – 5pm, Mon – Fri and also 10am – 10pm on weekends – your schedule will be configured with these timings and will therefore only allow your products to be bookable during these set times. Schedules can be highly flexible – you can have different schedules for different Products, or share one schedule between multiple products.

Creating a new Schedule

1.  Click the ‘New’ button the Schedule tile:
2.  Give the new schedule a name:
3.  Click ‘Create’ – this creates a blank schedule and adds it to the Schedule tile:
4.  Click ‘View/Edit’:
5.  To build your Schedule, drag and drop the ‘Drag to Add’ button onto the day and time you’d like the schedule to start – by default this creates a 2 hour schedule:
6.  Customize the schedule for the one day by clicking and moving it to change the start time, or clicking the bottom edge and dragging down to extend the end time. Once you have the times correct for the first day, click the ‘Click to Save’ button in green at the top:
7.  If you’d like this ‘event’ to be replicated for all other days that the schedule should apply to, then click the ‘Create as Recurring Event’ button. Otherwise, click ‘Create as Single Event’ button. 
8.  I’ve chosen the ‘Create as Recurring Event’ button for this example:
9.  As shown above, set:
  • Last Date‘ field – it defaults to today’s date, so be sure to set this to a future date if you’d like this schedule to be available beyond today!  Typically we set Schedules to last for 1 year, so they should be reviewed and the Last Date reset each year.
  • Days of the week to repeat on, clicking the right arrow to move them into the ‘selected’ section on the right.
10.  Click ‘Create Recurring Event’ and wait a few seconds for it to generate:
11.  If needed, you can use:
  • The ‘Edit Single’ button to amend a single event on a single day.
  • The ‘Edit Multiple’ button to change events on a set number of days.
  • The ‘Delete Mode’ button to click on and remove events as needed.
12.  Click the Close button (bottom right of the window) once all is configured and the schedule will show on the Schedule tile within Product Builder:

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