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Setup Giftpro

Add Giftpro API in Your Salesforce Environment

The following steps will walk you through getting the API key from GiftPro and putting it in your custom meta-data’s GiftPro setting. You need one key per organisation. 

Once you have the API key, click the Setup cog and go to Setup:

Enter Custom in the Quick Find box:
Find “Custom Metadata Types” and click”:
Click GiftPro Settings:
Click Manage GiftPro Settings: 
Click New:
Add the API information:

Add The Location ID To The Relevant Site

In this integration we create Gift vouchers / Gift cards in **Giftpro** and redeem them in Booknow.
Every Giftpro voucher needs to be redeemed against a location. Please ask Giftpro to provide a locationId.
Note: If location ID isn’t provided, you wont be able to move ahead with this integration.
Go to the Site that you want to enable Location Id on. Find the GiftPro Location ID field and add the ID from GiftPro. 

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