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Tailoring Your Products For Multi Activity Booking Flow UI

When you have set up your multi-activity booking flow, following the instructions here, you will need to update the products so that present all of the relevant information to your customers.
There are two areas we will need to work on; Product Info Bites and Pricing Group Help Info

Product Info Bites

Product Info Bites are the combination of icons and short phrases under the product description as shown above. When you go to a Product in Salesforce, the Product Info Bites show in the Related Links menu: 

… and under the Related tab.

If you cannot see the links, you will need to set it up. If you can see them, skip down to ‘Creating Product Info Bites’

Setting Up Product Info Bites

From the Setup cog in the top right of the page, select Object Manager and then select Page Layout from the left hand menu:
Select “Asset Booking”
Select “Related Lists” from the list under Asset Booking
Find Product Info Bites in the table:
Drag and Drop this tile down the page and drop it where you want it to appear when looking at Related items. We suggest at or near the bottom. Then agree to the prompt below:
Next, go to Object Manager
Use the Quick Find to search for Product Info Bite
Go to “Page Layouts” and select Product Info Bite Layout
Drag and drop ‘Font Awesome Icon’, ‘Order in List’ and ‘Product’ into the page layout. Then click save. 
Now when you refresh the Product’s page you will see the link to the Product Info Bites. When you click that link and New when the page loads, you will see the object includes the fields you have added. 
Add the details (including the Font Awesome icons code, starting ‘fa-solid fa-[icon name]’ or ‘fa-regular fa-[icon name]) and Save. The bites will now appear against the product. 
For example: 
Will present as:

Pricing Group Help Info

As you can see, there are several pieces of information that can be added to help customers to understand the set up of the pricing groups:
The above example uses the following code:
Example JSON for pricing group helptext / info text – held in pricing group order field on product
“displayText”: “Players”,
“Id”: “”,
“subText”:”2-3 = £28 / 4-6 = £22″,
“helpText”:”Players can be of any age group.”
}, {
“displayText”: “Students”,
“Id”: “a0j3G000001X7p3QAC”,
“subText”:”20% off Mon-Thu”,
“helpText”:”Students get 10% off. Monday-Thursday only. Must Present valid id.”
}, {
“displayText”: “Over 60s”,
“subText”:”15% off Mon-Thu”,
“helpText”:”Over 60’s get 10% off. Monday-Thursday only. Must Present valid id.”
You do not need to have three pricing groups. You can have one, two, three or more. Simply make the right amount of sections relevant to the pricing groups you have for that product.
To add the information you need to add the JSON string to the Pricing Group Order field in your Product page in Salesforce  
Then you can tailor it to your product.

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