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If you have Terms and Conditions that you wish your customer to view, you can either add these to the Terms and Conditions section in full, or alternatively add a link to the Terms and Conditions that are stored on your own website.
The sections below explain how to create, configure or remove Terms & Conditions.

Creating new Terms & Conditions

1.  Click the ‘New’ button the Terms and Conditions tile:
2.  Give it a name and click ‘Create’:
3.  Click View/Edit:
4.  Here you can enter in your T&C’s, applying formatting as you would in a Word or Google Doc:
5.  Click Close once done (wording is saved automatically).

Applying existing Terms & Conditions

If you’ve already created a set of Terms & Conditions that you’d like to use, you can apply the same Terms & Conditions to multiple Products by simply clicking and dragging it from the Terms & Conditions panel on the left hand side onto the Terms & Conditions tile on the Product:

Removing Terms & Conditions

To remove a Terms & Conditions from a Product, click the X on the Terms & Conditions record that’s against the Terms & Conditions tile on the Product:

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