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Updated Embedded Waiver Functionality

This feature is currently set for a W19 release, the feature will allow customers to create or attach waivers to new bookings. If the customer is booking a product that requires a waiver, before the payment screen the option to either create a new waiver or attach an old waiver will appear and the customer can take the appropriate action. If the customer already has a waiver assigned to their account that has not expired, they will be able to attach this to their future bookings until this waiver expires and they will need to create a new one. The new waiver process will look at the date of the activity to see if an existing waiver is valid before allowing the customer to attach this to a new booking. It will not use the date the booking is made.
During the new waiver process, there is the ability to fully customise the new waiver check-out page. You can change text and add YouTube videos into the new page so you can add items like a Safety Briefing Video to customers during the booking process.
The new waiver functionality works the same as the original process. Currently, the new waiver functionality is enabled via a custom setting, once enabled, any product with an asset class that requires waivers will have this new waiver process embedded in the booking journey.
When creating new waivers in the customer booking journey, customers will be able to sign new waivers for themselves and associated guests. There is the standard section for signing waivers for people underage. Adults will be able to sign waivers for their children which will expire after the same time frame as is set previously, and adults will also be able to select an option that they are not the parent or guardian of a child and will then sign a waiver that is only valid for the day of the booking or if the booking holds more than one session the user can select the day the child will be going to the session.
With this new update, the check in screen will change also. You will be able to see on the check in screen each waiver that the customer has assigned to the booking and check these people in individually. This streamlines the process for front of house staff as they can check participants in to the venue individually while also checking their waiver status.
There is also new QR code checker functionality. When a customer completes their booking they can be sent an email with a QR code. This can be scanned by staff and they can then check into the venue via a new screen that we can share when ready.
This feature has just been handed to our QA team who will test the full extent of this feature to ensure that the functionality I have listed above works correctly. If the QA testing goes as planned, this will be released in the W19 sprint. This will be an additional feature that has to be enabled in a customers environment, there will be a new custom setting that will need to be enabled if you wish to use this new waiver functionality.
The main purpose of the new waiver process is to make creating and attaching waivers to online bookings a lot easier for the customer and for staff members when checking in bookings. Giving customers the ability to attach their own existing waivers when making bookings online will mean they no longer need to be searched in the system if a frequent customer arrives on site. This feature also ensures a customer has completed a waiver if required before the date of their visit.

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