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WindCave Terminal Setup


  • Registers have been setup in Booknow
  • You have WindCave terminals that are connected to the internet
  • WindCave have provided terminal ID’sHIT Key and HITUserIDs.

Step 1 – Remote Site Settings
You can skip to step 2 if this isn’t the first ever terminal you have added

The remote site settings gives your system access to interact with WindCave. We use this to tell the system that WindCave is safe to interact with salesforce

  • Select the setup cog then setup

  • Search remote site settings in the quick find box and select Remote Site Settings 

  • Select New Remote Site and then input the following


  1. Remote site name = WindCave
  1. Remote site URL = Your host key Example
  1. Active = Ticked

Finally save !  Well done you have completed step 1

Step 2 – Insert the host key on your site

  • Select the 9 dots and find sites

  • Select the site you want to setup terminals on (you may have to change the list view from Recently Viewed to All
  • Select Registers at the top of the screen, and click into the link
  • To include the WindCave details, select the cog in the top right hand corner, and click into Edit Object. This will load a new screen and then search for Page Layout within the Quick Find search bar.
  • Click into Register Layout and scroll down the page until you can see the subheading register detail. Hover your mouse over the categories you would like to remove and add to the fields grey box at the top of the screen.
  • Search for WindCave in the field name search bar and drag the fields to register detail. Rearrange the order as needed and select save at the top of the page.

Step 3 – Input HIT key and Terminal on Register
You should have a list of terminal ID’s, HIT Key and HITUserIDs provided by WindCave.

  • On the site record we just accessed you should see Registers (They maybe right at the top or under and related tab)

  • Select the register you want to connect you first terminal to.
  • You will then see two field  terminal ID’s, HIT Key and HITUserIDs. Input the details as needed and save.

Well done you are complete ! Your terminal should now be connected to BookNow. 

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